Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So my choir had their very first concert of the season and it was a HUGE success! It was beyond amazing really... I felt so overwhelmed with happiness by the end of it that I was actually riding on a bit of a high. It felt so good to be back on a stage sharing my passion with the audience and the choral members around me! I seriously love every single person in my choir, which doesn't normally happy, so that makes it even better.

Oh and guess what?! Everyone nailed my choreography!! All I got were great reviews... not trying to toot my own horn, but just sayin! I think it all really came together. I feel extremely proud that I made up and taught all my own choreo with great patience and understanding. I've never done that before so it was a pretty cool experience.

I know I've been lacking on the blogging, I feel like I'm letting myself down. But, now that some of the hecticness is over (minus working overtime during the holiday season, OH and planning all of my choirs caroling) I should have more time to paint and take pictures of my nails. Except, my nails are a little sad right now. Whenever I break one I have to file them all down to that same length meaning they are little stublets right now. They feel absolutely terrible.

To make me feel better about my crappy nails I've been listening to this song... okay really it has nothing to do with my nails, I just freaking LOVE the song. It's this amazingly gorgeous piece preformed by Rajaton whom I love. Ever since I had the solo in butterfly for my graduation I've been hooked on their music. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

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