Monday, November 14, 2011

The beauty of "ugly" greens.

I'm currently preparing myself for a nail polish order I should be receiving in early December. The polishes I've purchased will be my very first from Cult Nails, created by the lovely blogger, Maria Morrison. Everything about her polishes draw me in, from the unique and interesting colours, to her animal and vegan friendly products. Even the way she packages her nail polishes is awesome! They come on a bed of cotton balls, helping to prevent bottle breakage AND remove your old nail polish once hers arrive!

The polishes I've ordered are the hypnotic collection, as well as the new super powers collection which I'm splitting with a friend. Some how we liked the exact opposites of each other in the new collection so we are each taking two!

Now I say I'm preparing myself for the new polishes because while I love olivey green, I've never worn the colour before. In a Trance from the hypnotic collection is just that, a yellow/olive "ugly" green and is surprisingly one of the polishes I'm most looking forward to getting. When I say "ugly" I mean it is one of those "so ugly it is beautiful" colours. (I don't know how else to explain it) I always thought a colour like this would look pretty good on me. I have a warm olive skin tone that I think would compliment this specific shade of green, but I was never brave enough to try on the one polish I had purchased in this colour category. The polish in question is China Glaze's Peace on Earth from the 2010 holiday collection.

China Glaze Peace on Earth
China Glaze Peace on Earth

China Glaze Peace on Earth
China Glaze Peace on Earth

Unfortunately these pictures are making my fingers look a little red and my nails are nubs right now >.< ... I swear my skin is olive and this looks way better in person! The two colours (from what I can tell from internet swatches) are pretty similar but I will do a comparison when I have them both in my hands. The most noticeable difference I can tell for sure is the finishes. I'm not a HUGE fan of the finish on Peace on Earth. It is brush strokey and a little too thick for my liking. I'm excited about the slight shimmer finish of In a Trance and the lack of brush strokes in swatches!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my easing in to this kind of colour. I'm very excited to try In a Trance and the other polishes I've ordered and I will finally be able to say I'm one of the Cult!!

Oh... and this is almost too good to be true but... there may be a gold lettered and number bottle of Unicorn Puke in my near future... AHHHHHHH!!!!! 

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