Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've got the magic in me!

Last night while surrounded by a bunch of boys playing Left4Dead and well... being boys, I decided to girlify my section of the couch with a shimmering manicure. I can imagine they all enjoyed the smell of acetone and polish, but hey! I put up with the smell of them being sweaty boys at soccer all the time so they can deal with one night of nail polish remover! I was dying to do a manicure with a new little gem I picked up, OPI DS Magic.

OPI DS Magic
OPI DS Magic

OPI DS Magic
OPI DS Magic

These photos don't do this polish justice in any way, shape, or form. There is a very slight purpleness to the shimmer that I couldn't capture for the life of me, and I took well over 100 pictures trying. Unfortunately I didn't have any day light as this mani took place at 12:00 am, otherwise I'm sure some sun might have helped. Though it is a terrible picture, I found that a yellowish background brought out more of the glow of this polish. So excuse the ugly yellow floor! (and my poor pinkie cuticle... I stopped biting my nails a few years ago but a few of my cuticles still suffer >.< )

This polish, like its name says, is magic. It is a dream to apply, easily opaque in one thickish coat and combines all of my nail polish loves. I lean towards blues/purples/teals/greens when it comes to nail polish and I love darker colours on my skin tone. Recently, I have found that I've been pulling out CND Sapphire Sparkle to add an amazing glass fleck shimmer to all of my manicures, but this polish has that exact effect built right in! I think glass flecks are slowly becoming my absolute favourite finish or this is what I personally perceive to be a glass fleck anyways.

I've been practicing my nail polish application over the past few months, working on creating a perfect cuticle line without any form of clean up.

OPI DS Magic

Though I don't want to toot my own horn, here is a close up to show just how good I'm getting at it. My cuticles no longer require any clean up. I used to use a small makeup brush dipped in polish remover to fix some mistakes but I no longer require to do so. I do sometimes spill a little polish on the sides of my fingers when applying, but that will be my next thing to work on to achieve a perfect application all the time.

I had way too many songs circulating in my head when it came to this manicure but I've decided I wanted to go with the classic... so just for fun I will leave you with this.

Gosh I wish I lived in the 60's! I chose this specific video just because I LOVE the girls dancing in it. It's nothing like you see today and it's awesome. Not raunchy and revealing... just fun! Music was so much better back in the day. *sigh*

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon!


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