Thursday, September 15, 2011

And so it begins...

Hello potential people who will read this!

I've decided to start a new blog with an actual purpose! My previous blogs, however many I've started and stopped after just a couple posts, have all been filled with emotional teenage drama and poetic nonsense all about break ups and heartache. How incredibly thrilling right?! Now, 5 or 6 years later, I enjoyed an evening of laughing with my boyfriend as we read my 16 year old sorrows. If you ever happen to stumble across my other blogs please have a chuckle or two for me!

Anyways, back to the purpose part of this... I've decided that I need a sort of archive for my new/not-so-new obsession. Nail Polish! Along with smatterings of music and lyrics; the reasoning behind these two coming together will be explained momentarily. Though I can't promise this will be anymore exciting then my last attempts at blogging, I know the topics cater to a wider audience and friends I've been making lately. Along with my passion for the subjects and my need for a new hobby, I'm thinking this blog will be much more successful!

I've been wanting to start a nail polish blog for quite some time now but was putting it off as I couldn't find just the right name. I'm starting way late in the polish blog game and all of the names I originally thought of were taken. How sad! It's amazing how many polish blogs are out there actually... it seems kind of redundant for me to make one... Oh well! I have a feeling mine will turn out a little different as I happen to have another reason for starting this new outlet. I'm going to esthetics school in the new year! I've done it, I've finally decided it's the right path for me and my application has been accepted. So, along with swatching my way through my nail polish stash and posting my thoughts on the bottles of goodness; I also want to post about my experiences in beauty school, showing my progress and maybe even educating those who end up reading this. The schooling part will obviously start later, but who says we can't have some manicuring fun before then?!

Now to get to the lyrics part of the title. While looking for the perfect name, I asked everyone I stumbled across to give me some inspiration. It happened to be my boyfriend that struck gold. One night while laying in bed with me continuously asking, "what should it's name be?" he came up with something along the lines of Songs Of Polish. Now it wasn't exactly what I wanted, but his idea was that I could potentially come up with manicures based on some of my favourite songs. I loved it immediately. Not only was it versatile in that it gave me another topic just in case I was getting a little tired of nail polish, but it also gave me some inspiration for future manicures. I'm already making lists of posts! Yay boyfriend inspiration!

So there you have it, Polish & Lyrics... I know that was quite the lengthy introduction but to be honest this isn't really for people reading this. Though it would be nice to eventually gain readers and therefore gain feedback, I really just want this to be a way for me share all of my nail polish adventures with myself. Ahhh I just thought of my tag line!

One girl's adventures through her polish and playlist.

Moving on with my very first post, I thought I'd start this off with a bit of cuteness that I painted on my nails a little while back. I figured it might be a good way to really see where my nail art goes over the course of my training...

And just because I needed a bit more of a cuteness overload, here is my left hand with my girlie panda!

I used CND stickey base, China Glaze in White On White, a doting tool with Art Deco Polish in Black, and OPI Thanks So Muchness for the cute red bow!

Well, though it seemed like this post would never be finished, there you have it. My first blog post on my new blog. Here's hoping that I can make this thing successful and don't refer back to my previous heartbreaking poetic state!

Cheers ladies!


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